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  • Lloyd Melnick
    GM International Publishing
    I strongly recommend iLogos and its Founder, Max Slobodyanyuk. The studio provides a great combination of technical skills and strong communication, which is something you do not always get from an external team. Moreover, they are very honest and realistic when scoping and scheduling a project, which greatly enhances our ability to plan. I have worked with iLogos in the past and am sure we will have another opportunity to cooperate
  • Elena Fedko
    Senior Business Development Manager

    The company iLogos is a great partner with high-quality and efficient work, provided by a great team. During my work with BigPoint I had the opportunity to experience and evaluate the full range of high quality services provided by iLogos, headed by Founder Maxim Slobodyanyuk. I am happy to recommend iLogos for outstaffing, development and many other services. iLogos is a partner you can rely on

  • Pernilla Sparrhult
    Associate Producer
    Paradox Interactive
    The collaboration we had with iLogos’ artists went very well and the content was delivered in high quality and on time. We’ve had no further issues with any of the units that we bought.
    Our artists were also happy with the communication over Skype which went very well.
  • Andrey Tertytsky
    Social Quantum

    As the market leaders for social and mobile games in Russian social networks, we especially understand the importance of a reliable and stable development team. Since the very beginning of our cooperation iLogos has shown itself to be an honest, hardworking and single-minded team of professionals! iLogos has earned our trust. Since 2011 we have been working closely to help 5 million active players per day to experience the thrill of the most exciting and high-quality games!

  • terechin

    Dmitry Terekhin
    Founder, CEO

    We have been working with iLogos for a long time. But our experience has not been just work, it has been a strategic partnership. Why? The company works based on a set of values, including flexibility, commitment, professionalism and customer orientation. No less valuable are the personal characteristics of the staff and management team. It was a great pleasure to work with them! And we will continue to do so

  • Torben-Lennart Böge

    Torben-Lennart Böge
    Director Game Design

    We have worked with iLogos on several projects and had an overall good experience with them. It was especially the fact that we share the commitment and dedication to create great games. We can recommend iLogos as a reliable game development partner.

  • Rafael Morgan

    Rafael Morgan
    Product & Marketing Manager
    N-Dream AG

    The XP of working with iLogos to create a game for us was fantastic. You guys were really professional and open for feedback. We felt like we were always aware of what was going on with the game. Andrey is a great project manager and he was always very clear about what could be (or couldn’t be) done.

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez

    Gonzalo Rodriguez
    CEO & Co-Founder

    We started working with iLogos in the production of new educational games for our pre-k audience, and they rapidly became a strategic partner for Papumba. What we found is a very committed and motivated team that is always adding value to every stage of the project. It is remarkable the great team of animators, game designers, project managers and developers they have. No doubt we will continue working together in more awesome games.

  • Fathi Antaki

    Fathi Antaki
    Nanoreality Games Ltd

    A real partner when it comes to developing your game and a great team to work with!

  • Gregory R. Hansell
    Vice President of Product Development

    We hired iLogos to help us expand production of our “A Better World” game on Facebook, but they quickly proved to be a critical component of our strategic planning. Their highly seasoned team combines a very high level of technical competency with a positive and enthusiastic demeanour – a professionalism that is sorely lacking elsewhere in the industry. They work easily within our specifications and schedules, while being flexible and creative enough to bring in new ideas and insights. They have been a joy to work with and I recommend them highly to anyone in the gaming industry

  • David Nixon
    CEO and Founder
    Gemini Hive Inc

    As a consultant for the social, mobile, and online publisher, Nekki, I collaborated with iLogos on the launch and operation of their Facebook game “Puzzle Wars” in 2012. I worked predominately with Viktor Trukhnov on the project and was impressed with his friendly attitude, his dedication to game quality, sense of responsibility, unflappable demeanour, and his ability to quickly motivate development resources to get the job done. Though based on a tried-and-true casual game mechanic, its synchronous multiplayer elements made Puzzle Wars a complicated and ambitious technical and user experience challenge, and a bravely pioneering product for the social game arena. For the product itself, I noted it to be substantially free of bugs, which is no easy task with a multiplayer social game. It was technologically and scalable designed, with a solid, well-developed, engaging and streamlined UI, and sufficient analytics implementation for evaluating early-game player behaviour. The staff at iLogos was always open to discussion and ideas on how to improve both systems and gameplay, with intelligent ideas of their own and a rational sense of priority. I look forward to working with iLogos again in the future!

  • Elena Masolova

    It often happens that within “hot” industries there are hundreds of developers with only 2-3 companies operating as true professionals. It can be a difficult task to find them, but when you do, the cooperation lasts for years. We look at a company’s experience and achievements, and iLogos is a great match. During our joint work on more than 10 projects, we have realized that we can entrust iLogos with our time, money and reputation

  • Artur Shimunov
    Founder and CEO

    Webgames, a leading publisher of social games in Russia and the CIS, is a regular customer of iLogos. It mainly orders art work. In working with iLogos, we have experienced cooperation with a strong and responsible company that fulfils all its commitments and promises. An important advantage of iLogos is of its ability to perform an enormous amount of work in the shortest time. For each project there is a project manager allocated to promptly inform us about the project’s progress. He also makes necessary changes in the design and delivery of the product. The company’s work processes and techniques are constantly being improved

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