The iLogos team attended Global Mobile Game Congress (GMGC). As the fastest growing and the largest mobile gaming event in China, GMGC is focused on delivering an international platform for sharing industry trends and ideas in the ever-evolving mobile games industry.

Elena Lobova, CEO of iLogos, travelled to Beijing to talk about potential prospects of game development and production based on intellectual property (IP). She gave a speech about the benefits of using IP in game development, based on the deep expertise, obtained by more than three years of working with existing game IPs on behalf of several major game publishing companies.


Being a CEO of iLogos, Elena Lobova was responsible for deeper involvement of the company in production and co-production of the games based on intellectual property. Therefore Elena could say a lot about things which need to be considered before starting an IP-based game production, starting from the construction of financial models and splitting the responsibilities while creating a world-class team. The participants had a chance to learn more about the usage of intellectual property in game development.

Also part of Elena’s speech touched upon potential obstacles for producing an IP-based game and possible internal and external challenges that can cause failure in making a successful game, and how to overcome them at the pre-production stage with the relevant organizational structure and appropriate process management.

This year, the event brought together experts and game professionals who shared their experience, best practices and discussed interesting ideas with the audience: market figures, trends, security, innovations, technology. GMGC 2016 not only provides access to China’s mobile game industry which is one of the biggest and most dynamic markets in the world, the venue also boasts over 200 speakers and more than 2000 companies, and a nonstop process of work and creative discussions intertwined with networking at various parties during the event.