We offer two business models – a game production team or a co-production and are very flexible with deal terms. We work with you to find the model that suits you best. We use a very simple pricing model with absolutely transparent calculation. To make things easier for you, we can provide you with a free quote (estimation) – you only have to ask!

Game production team

We can give you access to a complete interdisciplinary team upon your requirements within a very short period of time that is able to deliver a project of any scope and complexity. There will be one assigned project manager (part-time or full-time) and a team leader, to facilitate the communication between you and the team.


You want to share your success with us? We greatly welcome it and offer you a highly attractive partnership package in return for revenue share on co-produced games consisting of:
  • Reduction of our prices. The more potential we see in a project, the more reduction we are willing to provide.
  • Offering of our turn-key solutions, engines, components, modules and libraries, to save a significant amount of development time.
  • In-depth help with game design and monetization.
  • Providing contacts to numerous global leaders in (co-)publishing as well as the biggest media/games portals worldwide.
  • Throughout consulting and best practices transfer in all relevant areas besides of game development, such as game publishing, game live operations, game marketing, community management and many others.
We want you to be highly successful with our help, and be on the same boat with you when it happens! Also we have got a number of our own game concepts where we look for additional funding as another form of a co-production.