The practice of co-production is rapidly becoming more usual in the world of computer games. With game development companies open to new opportunities for cooperation and at the same time seeking the creation of something new and interesting; they are prepared to split the success for the better execution of their ideas. So, what is co-production and how does it benefit both parties?

iLogos has been developing games based on existing IP for the past three years on behalf of several big name publishers such as EA and Rovio. Our studio’s output is a mix of original projects, work for hire and working with existing IP. With over three hundred employees based in 7 locations to support, we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to work on a wide range of different games under many different arrangements. (more…)

This year’s report of EEDAR provides us with a lot of information, which allow game development companies to track new trends of the mobile games market. (more…)

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